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Oh My Git! visualizes the internal structures of Git repositories in realtime. The player can immediately see the results of their actions:

To accommodate people who are new to Git, the game features a custom-designed playing card interface! The cards help remember newly introduced Git commands, but also contain a short description and an icon. Therefore, they combine both action as well as documentation:

For more advanced or curious players, the game offers a integrated terminal, where they can execute arbitrary Git commands. There's a "real" Git integrated into the game, which allows players to try and learn all of Git's features.

To teach players how to use Git for collaboration in teams, Oh My Git! puts a focus on how to interact with remotes, and which workflows exist when dealing with multiple repositories:

How can I get help? How can I contribute?

We use GitHub for all forms of discussion. You can find a lot of information in the project's README. If you find bugs, need help, or have any suggestions, please create a new issue in the issue tracker! Thanks!

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Follow us on Twitter at @bleeptrack and @blinry! We're also on Mastodon, if that's your thing! and

Alternatively, drop us an email at

Who's behind this?

bleeptrack is a generative and AI artist. Her works not only explore generative spaces but also different materials and fabrication methods like CNC milling wood, drawing with pen plotters and generative PCB designs. Her artworks have been presented at several international exhibitions in Shanghai, London or Berlin. She is also a doctoral student at the Institute for Neural Information Processing at Ulm University. In her research, Sabine Wieluch wants to fuse her love for generative art with her interests in Machine Learning.

blinry is a computer scientist, programmer, and designer from Germany. They are enthusiastic about free licenses, food, and minimalism, and they value autonomy, creativity, and curiosity. They have attended a scientific workshop on Origami in the Caribbean, backpacked through Japan, is collecting accidental art and is drawing algorithm assembly instructions. They love their communities – Jugend Hackt, the Recurse Center, the Chaos community.

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Our current funding will run out at the end of February. If you wanna help us put more time into development, you can support us on Patreon – here and here!


Wanna read more?

The game has a dedicated press kit, and we've recorded a talk and video devlogs!